We Are Hiring!

And we want to hear from you.

We are a small team with a single minded focus on creating something exceptional, something we are proud of, and something that will help expand crypto-economy just a little bit. Traditional financial system is filled with intermediaries and abstract costs and structures that may no longer be needed. Our mission is to build a finance ecosystem which is open, fast, cheap, and safe. To achieve this, we need more hands onboard.

We are looking for smart, creative, passionate colleagues who share our mission. We are looking for ideas. We are looking for someone who can take initiatives, can work with limited supervision, and wants to make an impact. If this sounds like you, contact us with a brief description of yourself and a resume.

We mostly work remotely and the full team is spread across 3 continents.

We are looking for Full Stack Software Engineers, Community Managers, and a Project Manager.

Drop us a note at hello@mirror.one and we will get back to you with details. No minimum qualification required to apply.

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