About Us

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Financial Investment / Portfolio Management is a way of life. It's a mind-set. Managing your finances requires a certain kind of discipline and deliberation, similar to how one manages their health, relationship and career.

What we hope to achieve

  • Support expansion of the crypto-economy
  • Eliminate redundant bottlenecks and constraints
  • Make investing and trading open, secure, fast, and cheap
  • Help people grow their portfolios

Who are we

We are seasoned professionals from Finance and Tech industries who got inspired by the invention of Bitcoin/blockchain technology. We saw the possibilities and dedicated ourselves to learning more about this revolution. We started our relationship with cryptocurrencies as investors back in 2012. The right investments allowed us the freedom to dedicate ourselves completely to growing the crypto-universe. We think of ourselves as hackers of the traditional finance world. Mirror Protocol is the first of several community-driven projects that we plan to launch. Don’t take our words as gospel. Make sure you do your own research. Keep an open mind and enjoy this journey with us.

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